Vision & Mission Statements

Vision Statement


  • Mission Possible, Everybody Can Learn

  • School, Homes and Community Working Together

  • Education through Space-Age Technology

The vision of South Texas Educational Technologies, Inc. is to maximize the education potential and the experience of continuous learning by every student within the school and community environment. It includes instruction in all forms of human potential: aesthetic, ethical, intellectual, physical and technological. With this concept of education in mind, STET assumes the responsibility for providing a well-organized, flexible and varied program of classroom and out-of-classroom activities. Since students differ in interests, attitude and abilities, and parents have various aspirations for their children; the learning process needs to allow for the personal growth of individuals and families.

Mission Statement

The mission of the South Texas Educational Technologies, Inc. is to provide the highest quality education possible to all students. To the full extent of their individual abilities, students will be provided the opportunity to develop the capability to think logically, independently, and creatively, and to communicate effectively.