Employment Opportunities

*Applicants for all positions are considered with out regard to race, color, sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation, or gender identity), national origin, religion, age, disability, genetic information, veteran, or military status, or ay other legally protected status. Additionally, the district does not discriminate against an applicant who act to oppose such discrimination or participates in the investigation of a complaint related to a discriminating employment practice.

In accordance with Title IX, the district does not discriminate on the basis of sex and is required not to discriminate on the basis of sex in its educational programs or activities. The requirement not to discriminate extends to employment. Inquiries about the application of Title IX may be referred to the district’s Title IX coordinator, to the Assistant Secretary for Civil Right of the Department of Education or both.

Additional Vacancies

For additional inquiries please contact the Human Resources Department at 956-969-3092.

Jenilee Farias, HR Coordinator Jenilee.farias@hmps.net                                  

Belinda Mendoza, HR Clerk Belinda.mendoza@hmps.net