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Alim U. Ansari ~ CEO/Superintendent

Hassan Ahmad ~ Ph.D.  President

Randall Summers ~  Vice-President

James O. Hayes C.P.A ~ Secretary

Patricia Quesada Ed. D ~ Member

Aurora Saenz  ~ Member

Sofia Kamal J.D.  ~ Member





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HMPS board meeting agendas and minutes are posted online with BoardBook. BoardBook is a Web-based software application that electronically streamlines the preparation of board agenda packets and builds a searchable archive of meeting agenda packets and approved minutes. It opens the door to electronic distribution of meeting materials, to web posting of finished documents and, ultimately, to paperless meetings.  ( Click on the boardbook image to access posted agendas.) 

School Board Members
L to R: Randall Summers, Dr. Hassan Ahmad, Aurora Saenz,
Alim Ansari, Dr. Patricia Quesada, James Hayes, Sofia Kamal.