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Hello! My name is Jo Lynn Moreno. I was born in El Paso, Texas and have lived in the Rio Grande Valley for over 20 years. I have had the pleasure of living and traveling to many places including Germany, France, Spain, Austria, Hawaii and many more. I graduated from Nikki Rowe High School and then in 2006 graduated from the University of Texas Pan American with a Bachelors in Sociology. I have two young daughters, 3 years old and 10 months. This is my sixth year teaching 3rd grade at Horizon Montessori. Please feel free to send me an e-mail if anything is needed. I look forward to an exciting year!
2017-2018 3rd Grade Schedule
7:30-8:00 am 
8:00- 9:30 Science/Writing Homeroom
9:30- 10:15 Computer Lab
10:15- 11:30 Science/Writing Farooqi's Homeroom
11:35- 12:10 Lunch
12:20- 1:05 Elective (Conference Period)
1:15- 1:45 Farooqi's Homeroom
1:45- 3:30 Solis's Homeroom

Recent Posts

Science Fair Project letter

Dear Parents,                                                                                                                                   

Just a reminder:

Students should be working on their Science Fair Projects. A letter was previously sent home detailing the assignment.

This is a major project and will represent a significant portion of your child’s grade for the next grading cycle. The primary objective of this project is to have students approach a problem scientifically. This includes:

  1. Asking questions and forming hypothesis
  2. Creating experiments to test those hypothesis
  3. Organizing data and drawing conclusions
  4. Writing about scientific research

The project must be experimental in nature as opposed to research oriented. In other words, students must ask a question, then do a test, survey, or experiment to determine the answer to their question instead of just looking it up in a book. We encourage students to pick topics they are genuinely interested in, since they will be working on these projects for the next several weeks. Topics must also be “original” – something students do not already know.

Project guidelines state that all work must be done by the students; however, assistance may be provided by teachers, parents etc.  We encourage you to brainstorm with your child on different ideas and possible topics your child may want to pursue. Students have been asked to Google 3rd grade Science Fair project ideas. Please take a moment to review and help your child in order to generate topic ideas.  Please allow students to be creative in their displays. They can include the actual project, pictures or even videos on a flash drive. (If students want to bring the actual project, they should bring it on the day of the Science Fair, May 22nd)

The Science Fair Projects are due on/before May 19, 2014 and the Science Fair is scheduled for May 22, 2014. TEN Points will be deducted for everyday it is late.


Ms. Moreno

Timelines Project

Dear Parents,

We have been focusing on families, communities and timelines in our Social Studies Class. As a home project students will create a timeline of their life from birth to now. It should include pictures of events in their lives and a sentence describing those events.  Please help your child by choosing appropriate pictures to include in the timeline. Remember to have your child write in their best handwriting or type so they can easily share with the class. Examples have been shown to the students and you can Google additional images.

Projects are due April 4, 2014. Ten points will be taken off each day the timeline is past due.

Timelines will be kept for two weeks to display, then returned to the students. This project will be graded using the attached rubric created by the students and will be worth 4 grades.

Thank you for all your assistance, please let me know if there are any questions. I look forward to seeing all of the completed projects!

Australia Test

Students will be tested on their knowledge of our Australia unit. The will be asked to provide any 10 facts they have learned about Australia. I have sent home a copy of the notes that have been taken through out the unit. They are able to use 10 of the 20 facts listed or anything else we have covered.
*This will count as one test grade for Science and one for Social Studies since I am allowing them to choose which facts they want to provide.