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 Pre-K 3-4
Half-Day & Full Day
Teacher Information:
Name: Edna C. Campos

My background:

My name is Edna Carolina Campos; I was born in McAllen, 
Texas.  I was raised in Reynosa, Mexico.  I came back to Texas after I 
graduated  from high school in Reynosa.  I went to Our Lady of the Lake 
University in San  Antonio, Texas.  I graduated from South Texas College with
an  Associate Degree  in Elementary Education.  I also obtained my bachelors
degree  in  Interdisciplinary studies EC-6 with a minor in Bilingual Education
from the  University of Texas Pan-American.  I am a certified teacher in the
state of  Texas.

Classroom Rules
Students are expected to:
1. Listen Carefully
2. Follow Directions
3. Work Quietly
4. Come to Class Prepared
5. Respect Others

Homework Policy:

Your child will bring a blue homework folder home every day 
with the exception of Fridays.  Daily homework will be listed in their planner.
  This will need to be brought to school each day.
Consequences for not returning homework:
Students will receive an extra opportunity to finish at  
recess, if not finished at recess, student will be staying in after school  
detention the following day from 3:15 to 3:45pm.

Birthday Celebrations:

Birthdays are fun and exciting for all of us.  If your child
would like to celebrate his/her birthday with our class, please let me know at 
least two days in advance.  If you are providing treats, school policy requires
  them to be store brought.  There are about 23 students in our class.
Parent Volunteers:

I welcome any family volunteers that would like to spend    
some time in our classroom to enhance the instructional environment.  If you    
would like to volunteer in our classroom please come by the school office to    
complete a criminal background check (it usually takes about 2 weeks).

To ensure that every student has the opportunity for optimal
learning it is necessary that your child attend school on a regular basis.     
Unfortunately, at times children do become ill and need to stay home.  When    
your  child is ill, please notify the school by phone and a note.  Upon your   
  child’s  return to class, he/she will need to complete the work missed.  All  
   work should  be completed and turned in no later than one week following the