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Welcome to our informational page.
As part of the 3Eā€™s grant, awarded last year to STET by the Texas Department of Agriculture, South Texas Educational Technologies is excited to continue to implement the Kids Grow Farmers Market!
It was such a positive program to our kids last year, that it was a very easy decision to continue having the program without the 3E grant money.  The whole program is aligned with our school wellness program.  It promotes physical fitness and nutrition education.  Each student is given some physical fitness goals, and based on their accomplishments they are given a certain amount of points.  Then they also get points for turning in nutrition education homework.  Those points are converted into Farmers Market bucks (play money), and each students gets to use the play money to buy fresh produce at the Farmers Market.  Each student are expose to different kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables during the Farmers Market.
The bi-annual KidsGrow Farmers Market will travel to each of our three campuses and deliver healthy fruits, nuts, and vegetable choices to developing minds and bodies on the following dates:
H1 -- November 22, 2013 -and- April 11, 2014
H2 -- November 21, 2013 -and- April 10, 2014
H3 -- November 20, 2013 -and- April 9, 2014
Everyone is invited to attend!!
(NOTE: H1 = McAllen, H2 = Weslaco, H3 = Harlingen)
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