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10 Things that make Children Anxious about School Are your children feeling nervous about the new school year? Here are some things they might be experiencing, and ways parents can help ease their fears!
A Breakdown of Bullying Statistics and Facts When someone is bullied, a lot of unpleasant things might happen. Kids who are bullied tend to have trouble with their schoolwork, and their grades might go down. Kids might also feel anxious and nervous, and sometimes, they have trouble sleeping.
Children and Anxiety
This site helps parents identify symptoms of anxiety or fear and how to help your child manage it.
Cyber Bullying
This site educates parents on what cyber bullying is and how to identify when its happening.
Homework Strategies
This site provides strategies for parents on how to help their children with homework.
Kids Health
This is a helpful website for updated information regarding your children's growth and development!
Ways to Speak to Your Kids so they Listen
Ever wonder how you can speak to your children so they'll actually listen?  Check this link out!
What is bullying?
This site allows parents to understand what bullying is and how to handle a child that is being bullied or is doing the bullying.