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Hello Parents!


My name is Karel Montalvo, I am the 5th grade ELA teacher. I am excited to begin a new journey with your children as 5th graders. My goal as their ELA teacher is to help your children grow academically and reach their full potential. I am a passionate teacher, I've taught at Horizon Montessori III in Harlingen and this is my first year at the McAllen Campus. I graduated with my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies from The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in 2015 and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction in May 2018. I'm looking forward to meeting you and getting to know your children this school year!


Recent Posts

Lesson 9

Main Selection: Storm Warriors
Essential Question: What conclusions can we draw about the sea?
Target Skill: Conclusions and Generalizations
Target Strategy: Infer/ Predict
Target Vocabulary: critical, secured, realization, annoyance, bundle, clammy, squalling, commotion, demolished, elite
Vocabulary Strategies: Greek and Latin Roots
Grammar: Complex Sentences
Spelling Words: Compound Words
life preserver
uproar barefoot
home run
headache warehouse
top-secret overboard
teammate post office
wheelchair outspoken
light bulb up-to-date
well-known awestruck
throughout newscast

Lesson 8

Main Selection: Everglades Forever
Essential Question: What persuades us to protect the environment?
Target Skill: Persuasion
Target Strategy: Analyze /Evaluate
Target Vocabulary: endangered, unique, adapted, vegetation, conserving, restore, guardians, attracted, regulate, responsibility.
Vocabulary Strategies: Prefixes en-, re-, pre-, pro-
Grammar: Conjunctions
Spelling Words: Homophones (same sound)
1.steel         11. manor
2.steal         12. manner
3.aloud        13. pedal
4.allowed     14. peddle
5.ring           15. berry
6.wring        16. bury
7.lesson      17. hanger
8.lessen      18. hangar
9.who's       19. overdo
10.whose    20. overdue

Lesson 7

Main Selection: Old Yeller
Essential Question: Can nature bring out the best in a character?
Target Skill: Understanding Characters
Target Strategy: Visualize
Target Vocabulary: romp, strained, picturing, wheeled, frantic, shouldered, lunging, checking, bounding, and stride. 
Grammar: Direct and Indirect Objects
Spelling Words: More Vowel +/r/ sounds         11. squirm
2.peer          12. weary
3.twirl           13. alert
4.burnt         14. murmur
5.smear       15. thirsty
6.further       16. reverse
7.appear      17. worship
8.worthwhile18. career
9.nerve        19. research
10.pier         20. volunteer

Lesson 6

Main Selection: Double Dutch
Essential Question: What effect can one person have on a stranded sea turtle?
Target Skill: Cause and Effect
Target Strategy: Question
Target Vocabulary: basking, analyzing, juvenile, stunned, fatal, treating, calling, ordeal, marine, and intensive. 
Grammar: Verbs
Spelling Words: Vowel Sounds: vowel +/r/ sounds
1.glory         11. barely
2.aware       12. torch
3.carton       13. barge
4.adore        14. soar
5.aboard      15. beware
6.dairy         16. absorb
7.ordeal       17. armor
8.pardon      18. stairway
9.warn         19. perform
10.vary        20. former

Lesson 4 Journeys

Main Selection: Double Dutch
Essential Question: What events lead a team to learn double Dutch?
Target Skill: Sequence of Events
Target Strategy: Monitor/ Clarify
Target Vocabulary: unison, uniform, mastered, competition, identical, element, routine, intimidated, recite and qualifying. 
Grammar: Common and Proper Nouns
Spelling Words: Vowel Sounds: /oo/, /yoo/
1.glue         11. confuse
2.flute         12. cruise
3.youth       13. jewel
4.accuse    14. execute
5.bruise      15. route
6.stew        16. cartoon
7.choose    17. avenue
8.loose       18. include
9.lose         19. assume
10.view       20. souvenir


Main Selection: Off and Running
Essential Question: What can our differences teach us?
Target Skill: Compare and Contrast
Target Strategy: Infer/ Predict
Vocabulary Strategies: Multiple-Meaning Words p.70
Grammar: Compound Sentences
Spelling Words: Long i and Long o
1.sign          11. excite
2.groan       12. apply
3.reply        13. slight
4.thrown     14. define
5.strike       15. odor
6.mighty     16. spider
7.stroll        17. control
8.compose  18. silent
9.dough      19. brighten
10.height     20. approach