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Technology Coordinator

Technology Coordinator
District Wide
Job Summary
1. Develop and implement a strategic vision in all areas of technology for the district.
2. Facilitate the integration of digital tools and best practices into curriculum and administrative systems.
3. Engage with administrators, educators and support personnel, parents and students to extend responsible and creative use of technology.
4. Must be a strategic thinker with strong communication, organization, and interpersonal skills, and the enthusiasm and credibility to create and sustain instructional momentum in the appropriate use of technology in the district’s curriculum and instruction.
5. Oversees the district’s technology department; guides, supports, mentors, monitors and evaluates technology team members and creates an environment of shared knowledge and purpose among the technology team.
6. Oversees staff development opportunities to meet the diverse learning needs of staff as it relates to integrating technology into academic programming.
7. Must clearly define the mission of the technology department to ensure all members are unified toward a common goal.
8. Works with educational and other school administrators to ensure that the technology program and services meets educational needs as well as communication needs of the schools and programs.

Masters Degree in job related field such as Computer Science, Computer Information Systems and Security Networking. PhD Preferred. Experience working in a school district setting preferred.
Start Date
$49,487 minimum
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